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A Salon Professional treatment offering premium smoothing and straightening with no harsh chemicals. Rooted in a potent amino acid-based formula, it seamlessly mends hair shaft fractures and is designed specifically for those with curly textures.
Beyond just straightening, it also enhances curl memory and provides lasting hair



Revitalise KeratinHigh LisPlasty Total Smooth Shampoo:

● Shampoo hair twice to eliminate any product residue or scalp debris.
● Shampoo gently, avoiding aggressive scrubbing or pressure on the scalp.
● For curly and resistant hair: On the second shampoo, let sit for 5 minutes, then
rinse with warm water. Ensure all shampoo is rinsed out.
● Blot hair dry to remove excess water.
● Do not use conditioner.
● Blow dry hair to 80%. A hood dryer can be used.



Revitalise Keratin High LisPlasty Hair Smoother (no2).

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Always wear gloves to prevent irritation from the
low pH.
● To begin, equip yourself with a bowl, applicator brush, tail comb, and gloves.

● Partition hair into four main sections. Pour 1 oz of the Revitalise Keratin High
LisPlasty Total Smooth Smoothing Treatment into a bowl. Depending on the
hair’s density and length, you might need an extra ounce.
● Start from the neckline, using 1/4 to 1/2 inch subsections. Avoid direct
application on the scalp.
● Apply a small quantity of the treatment, starting 1⁄4 inch away from the scalp,
extending to the tips.
AVOID OVER-SATURATION with the treatment. Distribute the treatment
uniformly using a tail comb. If residue remains on the comb after a pass, bring
down the next subsection and comb them together for optimal saturation.
● Ensure treatment is applied to the entire head.



● Set a timer for 45-60 minutes post-application. Comb through the hair after
the initial 30 minutes, and then every subsequent 15 minutes, until the entire
processing duration is reached. (Please see the essential guide for timings).
● Avoid over-saturation: Excessive product can result in unnecessary vapours
during the infusion and a lengthier drying period.                                                                            ● Upon completion, rinse hair thoroughly until the water runs clear. Blot the hair
● Blow-dry ensuring the hair is 100% smooth and dry. This readies it for the
predetermined number of passes. If needed, refer to the Head Chart. Using a
paddle or round brush yields the best results.


Heat Infusion Process

● After blow-drying, section the hair into four parts.
● Set your straightening irons to the desired temperature.
● Initiate at the nape, using 1/4 to 1/2 inch sub-sections. Ensure your sections
are thin enough to visibly see your hands through them. For hair identified as
resistant, begin your passes at the most resistant area first.
● Glide the straightening irons steadily through the hair using a tail comb. For a
flawless first pass, move from roots to ends in a continuous motion, letting
the hair cool for 2 seconds. (For previously treated hair, adjust the heat lower
for the mid-length and ends).
● Continue ironing following the recommended heat settings and number of
● Ends will often need less passes
● For an ultimate final finish, iron once over larger sections of hair at 180°C /

The key things to remember when using Revitalize Keratin Systems be clear of the required outcome for your client.

1. The higher the heat applied the more straightening affect achieved.

2. The higher the number of passes during flat ironing, the greater the straightening.

3. For, reconstruction and restructuring of curl memory, flat ironing after blow drying is not required.

4. Higher temperatures during flat ironing provides higher shine, less frizz, and more resistance to humidity. 

5. It is important to remember when ironing the hair you MUST use fine sections as guided failure to follow

this guideline will impact on your straightening results

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