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The Mission

We are dedicated to revolutionising hair health through transformative hair care for unparalleled smoothing and straightening. Using our patented amino acids smoothing system, we’ve crafted treatments using only the purest raw materials, eliminating harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. With tailored solutions for diverse hair needs, our treatments rejuvenate hair fibres and enhance natural vitality.


Idea & Concept

The Revitalise Keratin Smoothing System is an exclusive salon range that has been developed to meet the needs of all textured hair types. Our range works across all curl patterns, from the tightest coils to the loosest curls. By doing so, we ensure that natural hair textures are respected and there is no compromise on quality.



Over the course of twelve months, we collaborated with four expert chemists from Brazil and sourced the finest raw materials to create the Revitalise Keratin smoothing system. The result is a blend that perfectly balances amino acids and other natural ingredients to leave hair smoother and more manageable than ever before.


Home Care Range

Next we created a line of exceptional aftercare home products that maintain the longevity and effectiveness of the Revitalise treatment long after leaving the salon, with a range to suit every curl pattern and hair type.


Professional Salon Range

Created by hairdressers with unique knowledge of consumer hair needs across a diverse range of hair textures, our system infuses the hair with naturally derived strength-giving ingredients that leave the hair stronger, longer and smoother, giving it

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