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Revitalise Keratin is a smoothing system specifically designed to work on all hair
textures. It is a treatment that utilizes keratin, a protein naturally found in hair, to
reduce frizz, straighten the hair, and provide a smoother and more manageable

The benefits of using the Revitalise Keratin smoothing system include:
Frizz reduction: It effectively reduces frizz and controls flyaways, making the hair
more manageable.

Smoothing and straightening: It helps to relax curls and waves, providing a
straighter and sleeker look.

Enhanced shine: The treatment adds shine and improves the overall appearance of
the hair.

Improved manageability: It makes styling and maintaining the hair easier and less

Reduced drying time: It can significantly reduce the time required to blow-dry or
style the hair.

Long-lasting results: The effects of the Revitalise Keratin treatment last from 8-12
weeks, depending on hair type and maintenance.

The Revitalise Keratin smoothing system doesn’t permanently alter the hair’s bond
structure. It lasts 8-12 weeks on average and allows the hair to naturally return to its
curl pattern. In contrast, a relaxer not only changes the hair’s natural bonds but also
forms a new bond called Ianthione, which alters the hair shaft permanently. The only
way to remove it is to cut off the relaxed hair.

The Revitalise Keratin system typically involves the application of a keratin-infused formula to the hair.

The formula is then sealed into the hair cuticles
using heat from a flat iron or other styling tools.

This process helps to smooth out the
hair strands, reduce frizz, and create a sleek and straight appearance.

Yes, Revitalise Keratin system is ideal for this. You only need to apply to the re-growth
area and the process will reduce the shedding often associated with transitioning

Please note: Leave a minimum of 6 months of re-growth before applying
treatment as it is not advised to apply the system directly onto previously relaxed hair.

Yes, the Revitalise Keratin smoothing system is designed to work on all hair
types, including curly, wavy, frizzy, and straight hair. The treatment can be
customised based on the specific needs and desired results for each hair texture.

Yes, it is safe for all hair types when used correctly. However, it should only be
applied by a licensed haircare professional to ensure proper application and
minimise the risk of any potential adverse effects.

Yes, the Revitalise Keratin smoothing system can be used on coloured or
chemically treated hair. In fact, the treatment can help to improve the condition and
manageability of chemically treated hair. It’s important to inform your stylist about any
previous chemical treatments or colourings to ensure they select the appropriate
products and adjust the treatment process accordingly.

Yes, but only after the treatment has been completed and only via a certified
haircare professional.

Always consult your haircare professional before any

additional treatment
However, do not colour with a developer higher than 6% ( 20vol).

No, you cannot colour after the treatment, you will need to wait for at least 48 hours.

The longevity of the Revitalise Keratin smoothing system results can vary
depending on various factors, including hair type, maintenance routine, and the
specific product used. On average, the effects can last for 8-12 weeks.

No, we recommend that the Revitalise Keratin system is applied by a professional
stylist who has the necessary expertise and experience. Professional stylists can
assess your hair type and condition, select the appropriate products, and perform the treatment correctly to achieve the desired outcome. Find your nearest salon here (
link to salon list)

After undergoing treatment, it’s important to follow the aftercare instructions
provided by your stylist and will include the following:
Avoid washing your hair for 3 days after treatment. Use our aftercare products here
Only use Sulphate and Sodium Chloride-free hair products
Maintain regular deep conditioning and proper hair care practices to help maintain
the results.

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